Our Norway's stor juleeske (big christmas box)

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“Stor juleeske” means "big Christmas box" and gives you a lot of Norwegian Christmas entertainment for you and your family. As the box was released last year, though it has timeless contense, we are now giving you 30% off last years prices. This is automatically given in the cart when you select this product. So this box is now 24,50$ and free shipping!

In our box you will find:

Our Norway’s "julehefte",  in short a booklet about Norwegian Christmas and you can read more about what a julehefte is inside it 😊

The booklet features:
  • A substantial introductory article about Norwegian Christmas.
  • A very popular Norwegian Christmas story translated to English, "Itte no' knussel".  It's a heart-warming story about looking out for each other right before Christmas. Gather round ans read aloud to each other. 
  • Recipe for a favorite Norwegian Christmas cookie, “Sandkaker”. By many counted as one of the seven that should be baked for Christmas. The recipe is provided in Norwegian measurements and american units.
  • A much loved classic Christmas tune about the Christmas tree.
  • A small quiz, some facts and Norwegian vocabulary. 
    You will also learn how to make two of our favorite Christmas tree decorations, julekurver and Norwegian flags.


    The “juleeske” also include craft supplies (paper and paper clips) to make the decorations and two wonderful traditional Nisse Christmas cards made by much loved artist Midthun. Two cards are chosen randomly from the selection shown in the photos for this item.

    The booklet “julehefte” can also be bought by itself both in paper and digital edition and can be pre-ordered through this shop.

    About pre-ordering and shipping: Orders will be shipped as fast as possible after the order has been received, with a few days. There is no guarantee that the boxes will reach you for Christmas, but we have done all in our power to make sure it does with promises from the Norwegian Post who ships them for us. They says it typically takes a week to USA, and a few days to Europe, but nothing is guaranteed. Rules and regulations according to Customer is responsible for all taxes and additional fees and costs that might apply when the package enter your country. Our Norway are under no obligation to cover these extra expenses.