Our Norway's julehefte - booklet - digital copy

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Digital copy of Our Norway’s julehefte, a booklet about Norwegian Christmas in PDF format to read on your computer, phone or iPad.

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The booklet features:
  • A substantial introductory article about Norwegian Christmas.
  • A very popular Norwegian Christmas story translated to English, about looking out for each other right before Christmas. Gather round the an read aloud.
  • Recipe for a favorite Norwegian Christmas cookie, “Sandkaker”. By many counted as one of the seven that should be baked for Christmas. The recipe is provided in Norwegian measurements and american units.
  • A much loved classic Christmas tune about the Christmas tree.
  • A small quiz, some facts and Norwegian vocabulary. 
  •  (EDIT: In the recipe teaspoon is abriviated ts as is in Norwegian. Matprat owns the right to the photo of the cookies)